Studio Policies


*COVID-19 policies*



Please note that you CANNOT share accounts with another student, nor can you make reservations for someone else using your account. Every student must have their own unique MindBody account. Your name should match the name on the photo ID you bring to your first class.


Attire for Class


  • Form-fitting shorts are required to ensure proper skin-to-pole contact (and a tank top/sports bra, as applicable).

  • No jewelry is permitted (rings, bracelets, and/or watches) as it will damage the poles and potentially cause injuries.

  • Heels are not needed for regular pole fitness classes and street shoes are never permitted in the studios (please remove before entering).

  • Avoid wearing moisturizers, particularly oil-based ones, as they make the pole slippery and interfere with your grip.

Bendy & Flexy:

  • Yoga attire/athletic clothing that will not restrict movement. Any other necessary equipment (mats, blocks, etc.) will be provided.

Exotic/Twerk/Low Flow

  • Heels, legwarmers/socks, and kneepads are strongly recommended.

Late Arrivals/Cancellations 

Please show up 10-15 minutes before class. There is a 5 minute grace period, but you must make the warm-up in order to participate in any of the pole classes. This is for your own safety and there are no exceptions.

You may cancel up to 12 hours in advance with no penalties. After 12 hours, you will lose the class unless a $15 fee is paid to reschedule.


Expired Packages

You can reinstate your classes for $10 per class. When reinstating 4 or more classes, the fee will be a flat $40. Please contact us directly if you need to exercise this option.

Filming During Class

We encourage you to film instructor demonstrations and your own training - these videos are invaluable as references. Asking a classmate to record for you is also a great icebreaker! Tag us @foxyfitnessandpole so we can follow your progress.


*We make every effort to create a safe space for everyone - please be considerate of other students (especially if they will be in-frame) and ask before filming.


Do I need any prior athletic experience, upper-body strength, or flexibility?

No prior experience is necessary to start pole dancing. All of our classes are open-level and our instructors will work with you based on your individual level. We will work together to increase both your strength and flexibility at a pace that is both challenging and comfortable for you.

What is the structure of the pole classes? Are there advanced classes?

All of our Pole (Tricks & Climbs) classes are progressive open-level classes. Everyone is working on moves at their individual skill level. The instructor covers choreography, freestyling, fitness and flexibility, and overall performance. Our training is ideal for both those committed to pole dancing for fitness, competition, and/or artistic expression and the more casual pole enthusiast.

How do I sign up for class? Do you accept walk-ins?

Go to the Foxy MindBody site or app. Once you have an account, you can purchase class packages and sign up for any class. Some of our classes are small, like Pole (Tricks & Climbs) which has a maximum of six people so it is best to reserve in advance to secure your place. Walk-ins will be accepted if there is space available.

Is there a changing area?

Yes, there is a changing area, lockers/cubbies, and a bathroom. You do not need to bring your own lock. There are no showers.

Can men take classes?

Absolutey - everyone is welcome to join our classes.

It's my first time - what should I wear/bring?

Bring photo ID and make sure you have appropriate clothing for class (see Policies). You will fill out a waiver and receive a quick tour of our facilities. You may also wish to bring water and/or grip aid, though both are also available for purchase at the front desk.

Is there an age restriction?

Nope - we welcome polers of ALL ages. Be aware of your personal health and any existing injuries and inform your instructor for modifications. If you are a younger poler, please get permission from your parent/guardian first!

Can I buy a giftcard for a friend?

Yes, definitely! You can purchase classes for other people by calling in or talking to us at the front desk. Please have your recipient's name ready to facilitate the process. Please note that you CANNOT share accounts with another student, nor can you make reservations for someone else using your account. Every student must have their own unique MindBody account.

The class is full/I'm on the waitlist!

If there are any last-minute cancellations, you will receive confirmation that you've been registered for class.

Do you offer online classes?

Yes! Foxy Online is our virtual livestream option - let us bring the studio to you! The link to the schedule can be found under the "Schedule" tab in the menu bar.