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Group Classes

All levels welcome!
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Group Classes
Photography by Jade Fernandez

Pole Technique (Tricks & Climbs) - 60 min

This fundamental open-level move-based class increases your pole fitness and skills, with a focus on technique and tricks. Get sleek and strong through moves, climbs, grips, and inversions while you build your pole knowledge and confidence on both static and spin modes.

The instructor will work with each individual, teaching moves that are suitable for their level. This is perfect for any student, no matter your current level - BEGINNERS, START HERE!

Low Flow Pole - min

Gain comfort in the bottom third of the pole and floorwork through choreography that combines new and old favorites - put the "dance" in "pole dance!" Beginner-friendly! Some previous experience with pole dance and tricks will be helpful, but is not required as modifications can be made.

Heels/socks optional, kneepads highly recommended.

Bendy & Flexy - 60 min
This class serves as a great complement to pole fitness classes, helping you achieve beautiful lines through increasing back, shoulder, and leg flexibility. Yoga mats and blocks will be provided and partner-assisted stretches taught where appropriate. All levels are welcome!

Check the schedule and reserve your spot through the Schedule tab!

*Please note that if you are the only student registered for class, you will have 40 minutes of class time.

Workshops & Other Classes


Freedom (Open Pole/Pole Jam/No Instructor) - 60 min

Free your mind and body, and train independently in an open pole session. No instructor will be present and no pole-sharing requirement - just you and your pole journey. Larger groups looking for rehearsal space should check out our rental options to take over the whole studio!

Showcase/Competition Workshop (Intermediate/Advanced) - 75 min

Learn from the best in the industry - students will work on dance choreography, floor work, transitions on/off the pole, spin pole, tricks and combos, and conditioning and flexibility. Focus is on proper technique, form, fluidity, and performance quality, empowering intermediate/advanced students to build custom routines for performances or competitions. No pre-approval required, though we do encourage you to talk to us about your goals before signing up.

Instructor: Ashley Fox or Yumiko Harris

You may cancel 48 hours or more in advance with no penalties. After 48 hours, you will lose the session unless a $25 (1 hour) or $50 (2 or more hours) fee is paid to reschedule. This must be paid before you can rebook.

Pole Instructor Certification

This is a several-hour pole instruction intensive covering topics such as:

  • Body & Apparatus

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Pole Moves

  • Creating a Class

  • Spotting Techniques

  • Teaching Methods

  • Competition & Performance Prep

  • Self-Development & Promotion

  • Best Practices and more!

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate. Please inquire at the front desk or shoot us an email if interested. Available year-round and scheduled according to demand!

Check the schedule and reserve your spot through the Schedule tab!


Packages & Pricing

Class Packages & Pricing

Purchase studio classes and packages through the Foxy MindBody sites!

(Check the Schedule tab for links to the NYC or NJ pages.)

Alternatively, call (for card payments) or stop by our studios (for card or cash payments).

NYC Studio

Foxy Studio Pricing - NY2.png
Foxy Studio Pricing - NY.png
Foxy Studio Pricing - NY2.png

NJ Studio

Foxy Studio Pricing - NJ (1).png
Foxy Studio Pricing - NJ.png


  • Listed prices do not include tax. Check MindBody for the most up-to-date prices and tax calculations

  • Packages may be used only at the studio location (NYC or NJ) and in the category for which they were purchased. Studio packages cannot be used for Foxy Online, and vice versa

  • Packages may not be shared or transferred between students. Please contact us if you'd like to purchase classes for another student

  • Packages DO expire - check your account for the expiration date! The expiration date will also be displayed before you confirm registration for a class on MindBody. Click here for our policy on renewing expired classes

  • We do not use third party booking sites. No Groupon, ClassPass, FitReserve, etc.

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