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Ashley Fox

Co-Founder & Premiere Instructor

Ashley Fox is the Co-Founder and Premiere Instructor of Foxy Fitness and Pole NYC & NJ.


Ashley was born in Baltimore, MD and grew up in Odenton, MD. As a child, she enjoyed dancing, roller-skating, gymnastics, and playing video games. She attended Arundel High School and then college at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While there, she became a part of the FIT cheerleading team, and graduated with an AAS in Advertising & Marketing Communications in 2010.

During these years, Ashley took up a great interest in pole dancing and began teaching herself through the use of her home pole and YouTube. She also met her partner, Virgil Avery, who supported her progress and played a vital role in the creation of Foxy Fitness in 2011. After less than 2 years of training, she competed in her very first pole competition, where she placed 3rd in the Professional Division of the 2012 American Pole Fitness Championship. Since then, Ashley has competed in over 30 Professional Pole Championships, and placed Top 3 in 90% of them.


Some notable and recent championship wins include:

- 2019 American Pole League Champion

- 2018 PSO US National Pole Champion
- 2018/2014 Pole Classic at Pole Expo Overall Champion
- 2018 PSO Triangle Pole Champion
- 2018 Pole Expo's Polapalooza Champion
- 2016 Paragon International Champion
- 2016/2015 PSO Atlantic Pole Champion
- 2016 Titans of Pole Champion
- 2016 New England Pole Champion

- 2014 Pole Expo Overall Champion

Ashley has also been featured in a Calvin Klein Ad alongside Bella Hadid, Alanna Arrington, and Abby Champion (2019); Vogue Magazine with Lupita Nyong'o (2018); Nightline (2016); The Action Bronson Show (2017); and Margot vs. Lily (2016).

At Foxy's NYC and NJ locations, she teaches students of all levels. She co-produces and choreographs for the biannual Foxy Fitness Student Showcase held at Theatre 80, and also coaches/choreographs for the Foxy Competition Team throughout the year. If she's not in the studio training, coaching, or choreographing, then she's probably somewhere in the world, teaching workshops, perfecting her craft, or trying out vegan restaurants.

Virgil Avery


Virgil Avery is the Co-Founder of Foxy Fitness and Pole NYC & NJ.

Virgil was born in Manhattan and grew up in Spanish/East Harlem, NY. He attended Brooklyn Tech High School, where he played basketball, ran track, and especially excelled in football. In his senior year, he was awarded the PSAL 2001 Offensive Player of the Year Award and named to the BIG 44 All-City Team, where he was chosen as the Captain for the NYC vs LI All-Star Boomer Game. His accomplishments earned him a full athletic scholarship to Division 1-AA Wagner College in Staten Island. He played four years for Wagner in the North East Conference and received pre-season All-American Honors as a Junior.


Virgil graduated in 2006 with a BA in Psychology, and the following year, completed a year of his MEd in Childhood Education. However, he left school early to pursue a teaching opportunity, and a managerial position at Bally's Total Fitness. At Bally's, he became acclimated with the structure and benefits of small group classes, which sparked the idea to open a group-class facility in the future. A couple of years later, upon meeting Ashley Fox, the two of them turned the idea into a reality and created Foxy Fitness and Pole!

At Foxy, Virgil handles most administrative, sales, and customer service related tasks, but can be found coaching, choreographing, or spotting the instructors at the studio as well. He is the host and co-producer for the biannual Foxy Fitness Student Showcase held at Theatre 80.

Virgil is also the Talent Manger for Ashley Fox and the Foxes. In 2019, he's booked performers for the Hustlers Movie (ft. J.Lo & Constance Wu), Snoop Dogg's 2019 concert tour, and various music videos and shoots.

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Yumiko Harris

General Manager, Instructor, Artistic Director & Choreographer

Foxy Since: 2012 

Fitness Background:

I was a gymnast for 3 years and a dancer for almost my whole life. 


- 3 time U.S. National Championship Qualifier

- 1st Place | Titans of Pole Championships 2018

- 2nd Place | PSO Northeast 2018

- 1st Place | Georgia Pole Fitness Classic 2018/2017

- 1st Place | PSO Northeast 2017

- 2nd Place | PSO Atlantic 2017/2015

- 2nd Place | PSO Northeast 2016

What I love about teaching at Foxy:

I LOVE the diversity of the women who come here. It is a beautiful community that allows women to become stronger physically and mentally, and grow into confident individuals. There is a huge support team here because we are not just a team, we are a family. This is a place where you can let go of everything in the outside world, focus on your own growth, build positive, lifelong relationships, and just be YOURSELF!! 

Rebeca Sánchez Soteldo

Instructor | Pole, Co-Ed, Low Flow, Bendy & Flexy

Foxy Since: 2017

Fitness Background:
Before pole, I played volleyball and basketball, which gave me the tools I needed to develop my strength, flexibility and coordination. My passion for dance started when I was a little girl.  As a kid, I learned how to dance by being exposed to every kind of Latin music at parties with family and friends. 
I started doing pole in 2009 and fell in love with it, so much that in 2011, I founded my own Pole Dance Studio in Caracas, Venezuela; which is still open.
Throughout all these years working in this field I have appeared in 3 music videos and performed in several theater performances and pole competitions, and TV and radio interviews.
- 2nd P
lace | PSO Liberty 2018

- 2nd Place | PSO Northeast 2017

- 3rd Place | Web Pole Championship Venezuela 2015
- 3rd Place | Campeonato Nacional de Pole Venezuela 2013
- 2nd Place | Miss Pole Dance Venezuela 2010
What I love about teaching at Foxy:
From the first day I met the members of the Foxy team and I started to work there, they treated me like family. It was the same when I met the students. I love that they have a maximum of 6 students per class so students receive personalized training. Foxy has so many students that not only compete, but place well every year in competitions. I am happy to work here as an instructor because we give tools to women to feel sexy, self-confident and stronger in body and mind.

Hanna Fomenko

Instructor | Pole, Co-Ed, Exotic Flow, Low Flow, Bendy & Flexy

Foxy Since: 2018

Fitness Background:

Contemporary dancer, Candidate for Master of Sports in Sports Aerobics.


- 1st Place | PSO Liberty 2019

- 2nd Place | PSO Atlantic 2019

- Finalist | POSA World Pole Art Championship, Italy 2018

- 2nd Place | Pole Theatre Poland, Pole Theatre Hungary 2017

- Finalist | PoleArt Cyprus 2016

- 1st Place | International Pole Performance, Ukraine 2016

What I love about teaching at Foxy:

I like the fact that at Foxy we are working not only with basics, but on a variety of trick combinations. All students develop and have the opportunity to prepare for competitions and showcases. Studio trainers are always open to new experiences and are happy to share it with students.

Melissa Butler

Instructor | Pole, Twerk Flow

Foxy Since: 2012

Fitness Background:

Before pole, I grew up in Modern and African dance from ages 3-7, karate from 9-11 and did one year of cheerleading in high school. I was no athlete.


- PSO Pro 2017

- PSO Atlantic 2016

- 3rd Place | PSO Atlantic 2014

- 3rd Place | PSO Nationals 2014

What I love about teaching at Foxy:

I get to give EVERY student personalized instruction to help them grow. I love being able to help women fall in love with their strength and sheer willpower. Being given the opportunity to hone and harvest each student’s unique strengths is an amazing gift.

Luisa Dennis

Instructor | Exotic Flow, Bendy & Flexy

Foxy Since: 2019

Fitness Background:

I was born in Bern, Switzerland and studied ballet, modern, jazz, voice, and acting at Zurich Tanz-Theater Schule, and studied for two years at Le Centre des Arts Vivants in Paris. I briefly lived in Rome and danced at tourist resorts in different parts of Italy before moving to NYC, where I took classes at Broadway Dance Center and was part of a belly dance and salsa company. I also danced in the Sirens of Sapphire and Sircus.

When I discovered pole, I fell in love with the sensual and seductive movement and worked as a dancer for ten years, which influenced me a lot. I took a break in 2015 to focus on raising my son.

My favorite things are floorwork, low flow and flexibility. I'm ElevatED certified in Pole 1 and Flexibility.


- Finalist | Exotic Pole Festival 2019

- Finalist | Dance Filthy 2017

- 2nd Place | PSO Northwest 2016

-What I love about teaching at Foxy:

I love the warm atmosphere and I appreciate and am grateful for all the support and opportunities from the team and teachers who share their knowledge so generously. I hope to help my students connect with themselves and their movement and love to share my passion.

Tiffany Collins

Instructor | Pole, Low Flow

Foxy Since: 2020

Fitness Background:

I ran Track and Field and did some ballet and contemporary dance in high school.


I have not competed in any competitions YET! But I have performed for Rolling Loud NYC 2019 and Uncle Snoop! 

What I love about teaching at Foxy:

I love the way we help our students reach their goals so quickly by fine tuning their movements and technique so they can get into such beautiful poses. Seeing the look of empowerment on their faces is my favorite part! 

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